Friday, November 25, 2011

I promised someone a funny Thanksgiving post

So after the kitchen was destroyed and everyone was lounging with full bellies and much booze, the cheesy movie marathon started. First we watched the Thanksgiving classic, Cannibal the Musical. Nothing like cannibalism as portrayed by the South park dudes to cap off a night ritual animal slaughter plus pie.

Then we watched this bit of awesome and awful. They broke the budget on lame (that's la- may, not lame) fabric in this film. This film was steam punk and tricked out mopeds before hipsters were born.

The end of the movie even includes a timely hippies in the park, police with riot gear sequence to remind us all that protesting and anti-protesting are timeless. Plus the whole movie made in 1980 about the wild future of 1994 being watched in 2011 gave me the chance to whip out my Werner Herzog impression "Are we looking at the past looking the future that is really our past?"

Now excuse me while I go nurse my hangover with turkey and pie.

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