Thursday, October 20, 2011

If it looks like a fuckwad and smells like salad dressing

It's probably a DOUCHE!

Proving that us panty-wadded ladies weren't wrong, the shitface behind Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street likes to make rape jokes on facebook.

And you know, I am not at all surprised. There was never a brief moment where I thought "maybe the douche-defender who thinks us complaining feminists are just jealous of those beautiful women is right. Maybe I've had it wrong this whole time and street/internet harassment is really a compliment." Because I fucking know better. Because I have lived in this world for 36 damn years as a member of the fuckhole class. Because even with grey hair and a fat ass I still get harassed on a damn nearly daily basis. (That ain't a humble brag, y'all. That's the sound of seething fury and barely contained rage.)

And shit, if this is what the revolution looks like- then I don't want no part in it. Seriously. I walked away from the Democratic party and voting to get away from the liberal dudebros. I sure as hell am not gonna throw my support, my energy, my single remaining ounce of give-a-damn into some new order that looks suspiciously like the old order, at least as far as women, POC, etc are concerned.

Fuck that shit.

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