Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remember how we gave Banksters boatloads of cash

So they wouldn't tank the economy and would keep the money flowing to the economy would remain dynamic and blah blah blah.....

Of course the biggest Bankster of all, Bank(sters) of America, is going to lay off 30,000 people rather than eat the cost of making bad loans. 

Lemme see if I remember Econ 101. Entrepreneurs get profit and interest because they take risk, while us little peons only get wages because we don't take any risk (cough). I think it was the BofA employees who took the risk of  being employed by a shady fucking organized crime racket, not the organized crime racket itself.

And while we're talking risk, I fucking called it a year ago when I said the securitization of life insurance policies would mean that the Kleptocrats would push for ways for us to die faster so they get better payoffs. Look for a great big life insurance marketing push in the same vein as the "ownership society". Shit, I just got life insurance through work. This is not a coincidence. I am now officially worth way more dead than alive.

Fuck the rich. Fuck the kleptocracy. Fuck all them fuckers.

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