Saturday, September 17, 2011

And that is why the New Republic Blows

There are days (weeks, months) when being a lady writer of the political sphere is, well, less satisfying than being a 50's housewife. Between the Nobody Gives A Fuck What You Have To Say On The Matter Little Lady and the "shut your mouth and spread your legs" comments, scrubbing floors in high heels and having a daily valium/cocktail habit seems downright peaceful. And that's the point. So when I see that the fucking editor of (supposedly liberal) The New Republic saying that us ladies are less socialized to produce and consume opinion journalism, I wonder what the fuck have I been writing for the last 5 years, recipes (ok yeah, there are some recipes). What the fuck have you all been reading for the last 5 years? What the fuck? Perhaps if these douchenoodles (in publishing, which is suffering right now due to the interwebs) stopped with their self-fulfilling prophesy bullshit (if you only have men, writing for men, about men, why the fuck do I need to read your shit?) and tried remembering that there's 51 percent of the population they are ignoring in their quest for the dudeliest of dollars, they might, I dunno, produce better media. Shit people actually want to read and watch and buy. But what do I know, I'm a lady who hasn't been socialized to produce or consume opinion journalism.
h/t Feminist Philosophers

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