Friday, September 30, 2011

Link Farming Cause Mama Worked Another 11 Hour Day

This is an awesome article about Implicit Bias and the Harvard Implicit Bias Test FTR, I took the Race IAT a few years ago and scored with a slight bias towards black faces. So there's that. Also, there's is a throw away line at the end that made me chuckle. You'll find it.

Hey, you know if the Fed has to choose between having an actual conflict of interest and just looking like it does, I'd prefer it to have the appearance and not the substance of conflict. But what do I know, I am probably a low info racist.

Unions finally, after 3 fucking weeks, have decided to join Occupy Wall Street. Better late than never. Yet still ahead of the whinging Obots and their "But what do you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant. You have to have a plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan" Fuckers.

I was gonna find a funny to put here, but I have hit the exhaustion wall with my face and must now go make myself one with my pillow. It's a high level of zen required to truly make yourself one with the pillow. You must give up all notion of self (if by self I mean person who like to eat real food and have clean laundry that actually makes it into the closet and not the floordrobe, and maybe spends some portion of the evenings with loved ones) for the greater good (of gainful employment plus Thank-a-union-overtime.) Now you know.

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