Sunday, September 25, 2011

Link Farming Answers Burning Questions!

Is Obama the feminist son we feminist parents hope to raise? No, and fuck you for even suggesting it.

Is Dan Savage now a medical doctor with a degree in fat science? No, and fuck him for suggesting a guy should solve his serious problem of depression and agoraphobia with weight loss surgery.

Are NYPD cops the fucking worst? Maybe. They suck pretty hard, but so do cops everywhere.

Are poor people really poor if they own 2 tvs? OH FUCK YOU, YOU WEEPING ASS BOIL. I own 2 tvs. I got them for free. Neither of them are digital, so to make them work without cable requires a converter box and the macdaddy of all antennas, each. That's in a city, near the broadcast towers. TVs are cheap. (If I lived in the boonies without internet, you're damn skippy that I'd need cable too.) Healthcare, food, housing, education are not cheap.

Was Troy Davis Murdered by the state because he was a Black man?
Oh hell yes he was.

Now for something funny. 



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