Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sanjay Gupta is more Hope and Change that we just don't need

Let's see how Gupta as Surgeon General is playing out, shall we?

Melissa at Shakes thinks he's a fat hater with a thing for misogyny.

I think anyone trying to be Surgeon General should have enough knowledge understand that fat people already know they are fat. Trust me. Everyday those of us with ample bodies are confronted with clothes that don't fit right or stupid comments from "helpful" friends and associates or massive media campaigns to get us off our fat asses and into the gym. I think that a dude with a medical degree should have enough brain space to figure that out on his own. Really. And if all fat people needed was a good shaming session with their doctors to get them to be skinny for life then there would be no need for Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

Gupta also has a stick up his ass about universal healthcare

I think that any Surgeon General in this time and place is a raging idiot if he can't see that lack of universal healthcare is one of the most damaging things in our country right now. Not only does it sink families and large companies alike, but I am pretty sure that we could do away with a fuckload of depression and heart attack causing stress if everyone knew they could take their kids to the doctor for their annual checkups or ear infections.

Dear gawd I miss Jocelyn Elders. I would soooooo much rather be debating talking to kids about masturbation than trying to get another Village Idiot to shut the fuck up and pull his head out of his ass (and off the TV news bunny screens).

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