Thursday, December 04, 2008

Reality crashes head on into the internet

Ouyang Dan asked me today if I ever imagine the voices of of bloggers while I read them. Sometimes I do, if they have a particularly strong and personal writing style, but not always.

It turns out OD does hear voices (hahahaha) and that my writing voice is very stern and serious.


In real life- I sound like Minnie Mouse on crack. Or at least I think so. I spent years as a wee girl in speech therapy because i was so nervous when speaking that my voice would squeak and they were afraid I'd break a vocal cord if I kept talking that high. I'm not, by any means, a nervous speaker now, but my voice still sounds like a little girl's. Which is one of the reasons for the smoking and drinking, I'm trying to get a boozey, raspy, grown up sound to my voice.

So peeps- what about you would shock us on the internet?

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