Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Fuckwad:

Your attentions are unwanted.

Yes, I saw you when you pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store and did the creepy look up thing at me. I ignored you. I'm not interested. I am simply waiting for a cab with a cart full of groceries and my child at the end of a long ass day. I am not here for your visual pleasure.

So the cab took a really really long time, as they do in this neighborhood. But finally I see it pulling into the parking lot just as you, Dear Fuckwad, decide that harassing a woman with a child from your car is a good idea. So you flip a uey and CUT MY CAB OFF so you can pull up and "hey baby"-ing me. When I flip you off, you can't understand why.

So I tell you. I'm not interested. I'm with my kid. AND YOUR BLOCKING MY CAB YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.

To which you reply with a "You stuck up white bitch". You don't move until the cab driver gets out of his cab to come tell you to fuck off.

Dear Fuckwad, next time I see your stupid black car at the grocery store I'm gonna key it and puncture your tires. That's how we stuck up white bitchez roll.


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