Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Patriarchy hurts men too

As per the comment policy, idiotic comments will become fodder for for future blog posts.

From someone who calls himself "Laughing" and found us via a google search for the phrase "i really hate women" comes a comment on a post written by DeeK (who is most decidedly a dude)

I think I'm going to do this one up Heartless Bitches style. My critiques of the comment will be in bold. Here we go.

This is funny. You think sexism is one way? Why do men hate women? Because women hate men that's why.

Wow- right from the beginning we get circular logic and a misunderstanding of how most isms function. Sexism, like racism is the product of a society where one set of people is given unearned privilege over another. In order to maintain the cognitive dissonance that unearned privilege creates tools are used to other the unprivileged section of society. That might be too deep for Laughing though. I suggest a quick look at the Feminism 101 site.

it is because men can not dress up like women or even share an emotion without being degraded for it.

Actually, that is a condition set up by men. The patriarchy is what makes men seem weak for acting like women by showing emotion or dressing up (that's a new one I must admit. I have never heard a guy whine about how he's not required to wear back breaking shoes and pantyhose before)

It is because of women who stand overhead and judge men on a constant basis.

Which is funny because actual judges are overwhelmingly male (Hello Supreme Court!) And the standing overhead part, are we women growing super tall or is there a vicious cadre of judgmental feminist stilt walkers that I don't know about?

It is for the women who raped me as a boy who to this very day go on teaching in the school system. All, because no one will even acknowledge that boys can even be hurt.

Rape is a very serious problem, but 70 percent of all rapes are committed by men. It is very sad that you were victimized. Feminists acknowledge that men can be raped too, but it is our current patriarchal system that makes female on male rape go unpunished. Boys who are raped by women are treated as if they have made a great sexual conquest instead of having been assaulted. Women didn't set up that construct, but feminists are the only o
nes working to make enthusiastic consent a requirement for sex. To us, everything else is rape.

It is because society shows women kicking men in the groin and its supposed to be something funny. To destroy our malehood, our babies.

Right, and violence against women is never treated as a laughing matter.

Strike us in the core of our being. yet, society has miseducated generations of males and females that women dont even feel pain, much less even get hurt anywhere.

Actually, we have about a thousand years of describing women as the "weaker sex". Women are taught from the time they are little to watch out for all those big strong men in the world who will hurt you and that if you're not careful enough in how you act, dress, where you go and what you do then being hurt by those men will be your own damn fault.

We have countless films depicting men being slaughtered in every conceivable way. Yet, not one woman is ever showing truly suffering. Male life is cheap but women are worth a ton of gold.

Films are for the most part fiction. In real life, women and children are the overwhelming victims of war. Soldiers get the glory, but civilians are the casualty.

Men are shown sex 24 hours a day then told that they are inferior because they dont want it. We are told that women want it all of the time and have triple O's and so one and so on and we best keep up.

Really, cause what most people are taught is that women don't really like sex, they just use it as a bargaining chip to get what they want. When a woman shows signs of sexual agency (or shows that she wants pleasure for pleasure's sake) she is treated like a slut and a whore. Men are treated like they are some kind of unthinking sex animals who only don't go around raping everyone in sight because women act as gatekeepers to the almighty pussy. Feminists want men and women to be able to have sex and orgasms when they want and to NOT have sex when they don't want.

But then it doesnt matter cause most women would much rather have sex with each other so whats the point of man's existence?

Really, there's that many lesbians in the world? And all this time I thought my straight girlfriends really just wanted to be friends with me. I didn't know that they were all desperate to get in my pants.

in the mind of a young boy all of this grows into hatred. An hatred of women because women are the ones who allow it to hurt their sons.

As an actual mother who is raising a feminist boy who both loves women and is loved by women- I think you are one seriously fucked up piece of shit.

Women are the ones who boast about how much money they make and how many degrees they have. They are the ones who "follow the rules" and take jobs away from men because they are more obedient.

Women have to get degrees because there are not any options for an uneducated woman to have a middle class career, where men do have that option. However, women still make less money than men, regardless of the degrees they hold.

And in ANY job, part of the deal is that you get paid for doing what you're told to do. If you got paid for doing whatever the hell you wanted and didn't have to follow someone else's rules- you would live in backwards land. That is why it is called work and not happy fun time.

which i nthe eyes of any true man is a sign of weakness. men hate women becaus etheir mothers abused them. there is no one else to take the blame any more. the dad is gone. Abuse starts at home and it is the mother who allows or creates it. men's hatred of women is a hatred of his mother for bringing him into a world where he doesnt have the right to be a human being.

At this point I am going to suggest a long run of psychiatric care should be in your future. You are obviously projecting a ton of your issues onto every single woman in the world.

The scar on my arm put there by a woman who abused me as a child is a sign that I will carry for the rest of my life. Of the hate and evil done to me by all women. I hate them because they hate me. And like any living being who has been done wrong never again shall a being trust that which has caused the most pain.

See above. You obviously have access to the internet- I suggest googling the phrase "mental health professionals" and your city name.

Jews hate the germans for what they did even to this day. men hate women for what they have done. All because women wont admit that they are wrong. the day when a female rapsit is treated with the same contempt as a man. Then the World will change. until then, men will never trust women and will forever hate them until the end of time. Inside of every angry man is the heart of a broken boy bleeding and crying to an uncaring world. And it was women who give him his first tears. It will never end.

Ah yes, it will be known as the Second Halocaust in the future when history books reflect how women secretly controlled the world through lower pay and higher rates of victimization by rape and domestic violence. It will be shown that women secretly met in dark underground caverns to discuss how best to abuse our sons by forcing men into positions of power.

That knock on your door, it's probably the men in the white coats coming to take you too a padded room somewhere. You've figured out our secret plan and now you must be "re-educated" before you spoil the fun for us.

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