Thursday, December 22, 2011


"[A] one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of this country, much better. . . People are literally without any focus or leadership, just wandering out into the streets to yell right now because they are so pissed off. Imagine if they had a leader."
-- Matt Damon

Matt Damon, I love you. I really do. But we had an option for a president with, well for the sake of equality let's call it spine or gumption or hutzpah or any name you can think of for gutsy fearlessness in the face of Republican fuckery. But you liberaldoodz couldn't bring yourselves to vote for the bitch (in the best sense of the word) in the pantsuit.

Now would Hills have been much different? Well we'd have a better healthcare plan, us ladies wouldn't need extra insurance in case of unwanted parasites, and that brief window when Dems had the Senate and the House would have be a magic hour of Bitches Getting Shit Done.

We'd still have multi-wars and drones and a good deal of corporate fuckery. But I'm realistic in who runs shit. The Obama fanboys are less so.

via Tennessee Guerrilla Women

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