Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Awesome convos with the Kid

It's a bright and shiny morning at la nouveau chez RQ.

Me: How did you sleep dude?

Kid: I slept like the dead. It was awesome. How are you mom?

Me: Awesome. How are you?

Kid: (does weird little happy dance) AHHHH-SOME. The Ahhh-somest ahhsome.

Me: Dude? (raises eyebrow, gives Kid the "you, child, are made of weird" look)

Kid: We're safe. We're happy. We've got our own space. Ahhhhhhh-some.

(It is duly noted that the Kid and I need to expand our vocab to use more adjectives than just "awesome". )

Kid is currently playing Mr. Subliminal by whispering "bacon" every few minutes.

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