Monday, April 26, 2010

Perhaps it's time for another competion

Last year when i got linked on a horrid forced pregnancy blog we had a little competion to see who was more charitable- godless whores or good christians. As you can imagine, the godless whores carried the day by about a hundred to one.
so douchey steve baldwin overspent by 2.5 million bucks. I've gotten about 200 bucks this month (which is more than double last month) and should have had enough to pay our bills and keep the internet on, but silly me bought some groceries.
So if you think that i'm a better entertainment value than steve fuckin baldwin, throw some change in ye old donation jar. Sure, i've never made a movie as douchetastic as biodome, but i have brought you such hits letters to the president that include the line 'douchebags in tacky blue suits'.

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