Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Updates from the family compound- Or good news and bad news

The good news!

1) We finally have real, true, all our very own and not a stolen wifi signal set up again. It only took one dickish installer, an hour and a half on the phone with a nice lady at comcast who suffered through my little mini meltdown (I haven't slept, the wireless router hates me, the comcast modem hates macs, etc) but I have done it. As the ugly American screamed at a french firefighter in Paris- "SUCCESS!"

2) Other Cousin got her tax statement back from the IRS (remember all the tax paperwork I was buried in last September?). We were seriously worried because the IRS had told her that she owed something like $200,000, a number so large that we would just have to surrender the family compound and all live in the van. But yay! The total tax owed is $20. Twenty bucks. Easy peasy.

The Bad News (well not really bad, but humbling)

I am the Bridget Jones of academia. Instead of being a singleton in the realm of smug marrieds, I am the community college drop out in the land of phD candidates. This wouldn't be so bad if it was just the ever brilliant Ruthzilla, I couldn't imagine her doing anything but succeeding.

No, the ego smashing comes when a girl I helped in English 101 to write term papers is now getting her phD.

Slackers of the world untie, or unite, or something.

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