Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More unwanted babies does not equal financial recovery

For about 5 minutes after the Global Gag Rule was lifted, I felt a wee tiny bit of hope. Okay, so it wasn't the very first thing he did, and he didn't do it on Blog for Choice day, but he did it. YAY!

Oh but the cynic's heart breaks hardest. (Well, not really but I liked the phrase). And today Obama has been cheerleading House Democrats to get them to cut family planning funding from the stimulus bill in order to make Rethuglikans happy.

Yep- Obama is getting Dems who have a majority in both the House and Senate to cut money for birth control for poor women just so a bunch of old white dudes who LOST THE ELECTION feel better.

On the backs of the poor and the brown and the female, our country will be made bi-partisan for all dudes.

I am starting to get jealous of women in other countries. It seems that my president will make things better for them (especially with Hillary as SOS) while making things worse for women at home. Not that you all don't deserve some love, but it sure would be nice to see some at home too after 8 long years.

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