Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm making Whiskey Sours

And totally stealing the Presidential drinking Game Rules from Feministe

* Every time someone mentions “hope” or “change,” drink.
* Drink double every time the mention of “change” comes from McCain.
* For every mention of “my fellow Americans,” drink.
* Every time the candidate steers away from the question asked to highlight his own talking points (we call that a Palin), drink twice.
* For every mention of “earmarks,” drink.
* Every time a candidate rephrases a repeat talking point, drink.
* If McCain shames Obama for not dropping out of the first debate, drink.
* For every mention of activist judges, drink.
* For every mention of failed bipartisanship efforts that failed because the opposing party are a bunch of sniveling assbabies, drink.
* If McCain blows a racist dogwhistle, drink thrice.
* If McCain sounds like he’s trying to unseat an opposing party instead of a fellow Republican, chug.
* When McCain grumpily alludes to the more important things he has to do, chug.
* Spit out your beer and yell at the TV if McCain insinuates Obama is a) Muslim or b) the antiChrist.
* Finish your drink if someone mentions a Clinton.

I fully expect to spend the rest of the weekend hungover.

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