Thursday, March 22, 2007

Male privilege = getting my attention or else!

Last summer, on a warm August morning, I walked my son over to his day camp at the community center down the street. I did this every weekday morning that I was in the country and we usually took a shortcut through the playing field.

On my way back I was listening to music on my headphones and I walked past a guy who was just hanging out. He was old, at least 65, on crutches and had a cast on his leg. As I walked past he started shouting the "hey baby" crap at me. I could hear him over my headphones but I ignored him. He started to chase after me ON CRUTCHES when I didn't respond. He started yelling shit like "bitch you shouldn't be shaking your ass if you don't want attention" etc.

I turned around, pulled my headphones off and told him that if he didn't shut up I was going to kick his ass, and I absolutely meant it. He said something about how I couldn't kick his ass and how he could kill me. I laughed, pointed out that he was old and broken and walked off. I was a bit shaken up but proud that I had told him off. Today though I am really glad he didn't have a car or a weapon after reading this.

A woman was in serious condition Wednesday morning after Orange County
deputies said a man deliberately ran her over.

The woman and her friend were apparently walking down the side of the road near Orange Blossom trail and Jordan Avenue late Tuesday night when the accident happened. Deputies said the man responsible wanted their attention and wasn't taking no for an answer.

Just to make it simple- here's an easy breakdown so you can understand the problem from a male privilege point of view

1) Women are created to be attractive so that men will pay attention to them

2) All women are attention whores so they all should appreciate any type of attention they receive from men

3) Women who don't show the appropriate amount of respect when receiving attention from men (i/e dropping to their knees and offering a blow job or at least flashing their tits) are teases even if they weren't trying to get any attention at all. If they didn't want attention then they shouldn't have left the house.

4) Teases and whores deserve what's coming to them. They were asking for it.

Most guys don't get how unnerving it is to be yelled at by some stranger. They think that like in publicity- all attention is good. But being yelled at by some stranger or even just having some random guy on the street tell you to smile are not the same thing as having a friend or acquaintance compliment you on your dress or hair or shoes. One action is part of enhancing or creating a social bond between equals, the other is one person turning another into an object for their own gratification and not for the benefit of the person being commented on.

Add the ever present threat of violence that women are warned about everyday from the time we are old enough to know we are different from boys, and this kind of harassment is enough to make me want to get a concealed weapons permit.


DeeK said...

There is a amendment to your rant. When you are a smell washed up bum, realize that you are a smelly washed up bum who the most decrepit woman in the world wouldn't even consider LOOKING at. this shouldn't negate any your right to be angry at this guy, but c'mon smelly washed up bum, no one want to be near you let alone a woman who has a far better choice of suitable men than you!

Anonymous said...

Ah but here is why they are yelling to begin with. If they had an actual chance with the person they were yelling at then they need to istill fear in them.

It's not about actually getting the girl- have you ever known a relationship to develop from some guy in the street yelling "show me your tits"? It's all about power, not romance.

Anonymous said...

So the crazy rantings of a smelly old bum is representataive of all men? Would it be OK to compare all women to bag ladies or desperate housewives?