Friday, November 17, 2006

Fuck James Carville

Sorry for the expletive in the tagline, but Carville is psiing me off.

After a trend turning election by the Democrats, Carville is calling for the OUSTER of Howard Dean. His logic is that Dean did not use all of the $10 M line of credit the Dems could have used in the election and prevented them from winning even more of the 30 seats won.

To me this smacks of pure envy. Sure, you may criticize Dean; anyone has a right to. But to call for Dean's ouster is downright irresponsible. Dean's fifty state strategy not only put unlikely seats in play (we won in Indiana of all places!), but it trickled down to the state level where Dems not only hold a majority of governorships, but all also state legislatures a place from where national candidates are fostered. Please, Mr. Carville what is wrong with that?

Mr. Carville owes Mr. Dean an apology for making such a ridiculous request. Thankfully, the head of the Democratic Party has not responded, judiciously staying above the fray, in my opinion.

Mr. Carville, you may be wanting to get back in the spotlight, but until you mend your ways your work may best be done in the shadows.

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The Red Queen said...

let's not forget that though carville was instrumental in getting Clinton into office- not 2 years later carville and his kind LOST the house and later the senate- for 12 fucking years after 40 years of dem majority. What kind of idiot does it take to do that?

So by saying that he wants Dean out, he is basically saying that his wife is right and there should be a permanent republican majority.

Can you say TRAITOR? Can you say FUCKWAD?