Friday, July 14, 2006

Really we're nothing like muslim extremists

but we want our girls in nylon burkas when they're on the beach.


DeeK said...

man they're hot. literally, that black number will get her down to her skivvies in no time on a hot day!

The Red Queen said...

i cant wait for someone to drwon wearing one of those things because its too heavy and then the company gets sued.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, you can't really blame a woman for desiring an extreme level of modesty -- that's a preference that folks are allowed to have.

There's a huge difference between telling a woman she has to cover up, and a woman desiring to cover up because of her own values. For instance, I don't think that women should have to stay at home, cook, clean, watch the kids, etc., etc., but my wife does. It's what she wants to do, and she goes as far as to say that she doesn't agree with other women who don't think the same way she does. So in the same say I'd argue to liberals that a morally conservative mindset is permissible when it's what a person wants, I tell her that a woman should be able to work and ask the husband to clean the house if she wants to.

It goes both ways, you know?

DeeK said...

there's modesty and there's the dark ages! I challenge you to find a woman who wanted to actually SWIM in such an outfit. my mom swam all the time 2x, 3x times a week until recently. Her swimsuits were always modest, but nothing close to that.

I can't speak for RQ, but I think the point is that are extreme wacko righties that would prefer women dress like this when swimming in public, WHETHER THE WOMEN WANTED TO OR NOT. Please, remember that many fundamentalists feel that sexuality is something that no woman should want, that sexual tempatation is women's fault.

Yeah, a stupid argument. But the key to your comment is choice. Your wife chooses her lifestyle, but not all women have that choice even now.

Wonder said...

umm, i'd have to wonder if one could actually swim in such a get-up... float politely, maybe, a litle light paddling, but ACTUALLY SWIM???

um, no.

Wonder said...

mom dsays now she knows aht they did with all those old gym suits from high school

The Red Queen said...

How about making flabby chested, hairy backed men wear similar get-ups. I don't want to see that shit.

But nooooooooooo, ugly men in various stages of undress are not offensive, but women wearing sport appropriate attire are.

Be modest if you choose, but when you are drowning because the volumes of fabric required to keep you from being offensive pull you under the surf- I will have no pity.