Thursday, June 01, 2006

response to wonder's "gospel"

Without being judgmental, I want to share my feelings about Chrisitanity and religion in general. Like many, I only accept that Jesus existed. He must have been an extradorinary person, but I cannot believe that God existed through him. In fact I am unsure that "God" exists. I do know that most of what Christians preach, all humans should accept better ways of being human; if you do good in your life and there is an afterlife, then you have nothing to worry about. If there is no afterlife and you have done good, that is enough to make life in itself worth living; if all lived like that at all times. live on earth would be a cakewalk.

I admit, I am close to being one of those who thinks religion has outlived its usefullness. while I don't think science replaces religion, its role is not up to helping the contemporary. Perhaps, this makes me jaded, but it is an opinion I am happy with.

My biggest problem with religion is that I think it is a personal choice that few people want to keep themselves. If there is a God, there is no right way to worship him/her. From another perspective, my belief is that religion is a personal choice, but I don't go around trying to convert others to my point of view.

Having said all that, I do hold that we need some type of belief to help our unrational selves; science is not a substitute; it simply is what it is. I guess this is way of saying I accept the need to embrace others as wonder attempts, but I would like to leave the Jesus part out of it.

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