Monday, May 02, 2011

"We killed the guy that got us into 2 wars"

Is what I keep reading. And uhm NO. The guy that got us into 2 wars was Bush.The guy that's kept us in 2 wars and added 2 more is Obama. We did kill the guy responsible for 9/11, for the earlier bombing of the World Trade Center and for the deaths of countless others. Bin Laden was a murderous bad dude. But the wreck that is our country, from the ridiculously skewed income disparity to the removal of civil liberties pat by pat in airport security lines, is all us.

Think about how Bin Laden was killed. A small team went into a country we are not technically at war with and killed him. There was certainly no need for war with Afghanistan (since he was found in Pakistan, and not even close to the border). And we know that Iraq had nothing, nada, zilch to do with 9/11 yet people still keep talking like he was the reason, not Bush's daddy complex or oil, that we are in Iraq.

I fear that people may be putting too much hope in the death of this one man to change things for the better.

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