Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Art In Progress Blogging

I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of paint to finish these two pieces and to get to work on a few more that I have in mind. But I thought I'd share what I've got so far.

First, the bedroom Buddha. This is painted over an old garden print. It's about 24 by 36 for the painted area and larger for the mat area. A happy accident happened in that you can see the garden painting behind my paint. It's also MUCH redder in real life than the pics show. It's a thin layer of crimson. Think nail polish red.When I get the white to finish it, Buddha will have a face and be giving the hard side eye. Think of someone closing their eyes to pray in church and then opening one to peer around and see if anyone else is peeking.

Now my little (not so little, it's 30 by 40) Zapatista (ha, spell check wants Zapatista to be seperatist!) travel picture. This is being done in the style of vintage travel ads, but instead of hot vacation spots I'm going to do revolutions instead. When finished this will have Chiapas in chrome yellow across the bottom. I all ready have ideas and sketches for the recent Iran protests and the self-immolation in Tunisia. If you all have suggestions/ideas for others I should do, leave em in comments.

Also, these are painted on other pictures, prints, things that aren't traditional canvas. I actually prefer painting on foamcore (no need to prime the canvas first and you get a super smooth surface). The Zapatista painting is done on the backing board of a cheap Ikea poster frame. If you have old, larger sized prints that you want to get rid of, shoot me an email. I will recycle them.

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