Sunday, May 01, 2011

How to write a blog post

Abagond has in interesting post up about how to write a blog post.

Uhm, that's way more organized than I write. WAY more. Even the long posts. Even the good posts. Even the many linked posts.

Here's how I write a post.

Read. Read more. Read again. Read blogs. Read newspapers. Read books. Read the back of a cereal box.

Begin to have the glimmer of an idea. Nurture this by furiously chewing and snapping gum. Blow occasional bubble. (Gum has replaced my old pace and chain smoke routine, what with the not smoking. Dear gawd I miss smoking.)

Try not to be to distracted by thoughts of how much I miss smoking. Or that laundry needs to be done, but do i want to spend my last 5 to wash stuff. Can washing wait till more money comes in.

Read more.


Watch a movie on Netflix. Watch an entire television series on Netflix.Wish for visine because I have been up all night watching Netflix and my eyeballs hurt.

Vomit post onto screen. No really that's how it feels. Thoughts that have been churning in my head like PBRs and street hot dogs eventually come back out in one stream of typing.

If I am feeling particularly efficient, read post through to catch typos, etc. (Obviously, I feel efficient very very rarely).

And that is how I write a post.

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