Saturday, May 07, 2011

Let's all give a cheer!

To Tata, who from across the country arranged for a microwave and a whole mess of awesome stuff to be delivered to my house today. I got a fancy red cast iron grill pan and a toaster. TOAST OMG it's been so long since I had toast.
And to Aeryl, who sent a giant box of clothes for the Kid (including some ironic liquor shirts, a Bob Ross happy trees shirt and a Monty Python shirt) as well as a small library of books.

And because after a few years of feeling disconnected and untethered, I finally feel a little normal. I'm in less pain. I am back to being a little bit of a social butterfly (full butterfly effect takes a while). You peeps have kept me from the darkest of dark places. 

Now just because I'm grateful for the awesome things that I've got, doesn't mean I'm not the angry Queen bitch you've come to know and hopefully love. 
(h/t to Renee for the link. And I'm pleased as punch that shit sandwich become a part of the anti-poverty lexicon. Remember folks, there is no difference between shit sandwich and shit sandwich with pickle).

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