Friday, March 18, 2011

Watch Your Language

If you are a girl, or a member of any oppressed class, and have a
tendency to use forbidden words like shit, damn, fucking douchebag is
going to be wearing his ass as a hat if he keeps it up, etc. then you
have probably also been told that your filthy talk is not okay. Here's
why it's not just okay, but necessary to cuss like a sailor. Cuss
words serve as a type of social bonding glue. Using them in common
conversation means you think the people you are talking to are your
equals, not people who are less than you who you must appear more
refined than, or better than you who you must impress. Women aren't
supposed to use that kind of language because we are not equals. We
are less than men andare supposed to set a good example for the
children. So a quick, easy, dirt cheap method of social equalization
is cut off from us when we are told to mind our dirty mouths. Of
course the only proper response to that kind of thing is 'fuck you and
the horse you rode in on'.

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