Friday, March 18, 2011

next it will be illegal for us poor folks to breathe the air

go read the So That's What They Meant By The War On Poverty link in my reader.
Hey you know who would be going to jail right fucking now if that law
happens? ME! I get food stamps and medicaid and I have $22.19 in my
purse right now. Omg peeps, I'm a criminal. I'm worser than rapists
and murderers and CEOs. I deserve jail. I totally do, because I am
obviously defrauding the government (though i report all my income to
both the Irs and DSHS and the numerous assistance programs that
require not just proof of income but for me to sign away my right to
privacy and allow them to monitor any bank accounts I have AND I pay
15.2% taxes on all of it) but I have cash so I must be doing something
illegal. Won't someone think of the child(ren)? It's so obvious that
the kid would be better off in some Dickensian group home than living
with a hardened criminal like myself.

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