Thursday, March 17, 2011

Warmongering for Humanity

Corrente has a great link up about 10 reasons not to militarily
intervene in Libya. Go read that. Now just a few things to add.
Democracy through tyranny is still tyranny. Lather rinse repeat. The
corrente link mentions Iraq (1st gulf war) and the balkans, but having
just read Haiti's Lazurus in the nytimes let's throw that in to. To
recap- aristide, man of the people, lives in exile in us after a
military coup. Makes so many fucking deals just to get back to Haiti
that he's no longer a man of Haiti's people, but of US imperialist
interests. And 15ish years later, the UN is still in Haiti and was
before the earthquake. (And ask yourself why Bush2 added Haitian
Patois to the critical language list during his reign). Beware of
warmongers for humanitarian reasons, they never ever ever have the
best interest of actual people in mind. (this includes the
fauxgressives chearleadering for moar war in Afghanistan 'because of
all those poor women' while ignoring all the poor women at home).

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