Monday, March 14, 2011

If you take my kid to Hooters

I will take your nads to my knee.
There's a point/counterpoint up at The Good Men blog where a dad is
upset that another dad took his kid to lunch at Hooters. I've spent
the kid's entire life teaching him that women are people, not objects
to be purchased, and if some fuckface decided that it's totes cool to
introduce boys to the soft side of prostitution and objectification
over cheeseburgers and bad wings I'd be just as pissed off as if the
parent had offered the kid his first taste of alcohol. Not fucking
cool. Not an appropriate right of passage. Not a funny boys will be
boys moment. And if you introduce my underage kid to that kind of
toxic shit, i will hurt you. What kind of arrogant shithead thinks
that's ok without consulting the parents first? I don't want the idea
that women's bodies are for sale normalized in any way for the kid,
even if it's just big tips for tight tanktops and short shorts.

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