Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Hunger Games

I just finished the final book in the series (thanks to the Kid who go
it for me as a bday present) and OMG I am so jealous that teen fiction
seems to get the best stories (and the worst- twilight, blah) See
also Tamora Pierce. everytime I think I know where the story is going
the main character gets ripped out of whatever chaos and dropped into
a new fresh hell of figuring out just whose pawn she is. So on the
same day I finish the books, i also read about the whitewashing of the
hunger games that hollywood is doing, first by (maybe) casting
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, the main character. Does Lawrence have
the chops to pull off thise role, abso fricken lootely. But only in
brownface and a black wig. Katniss, being from appalachia, looks like
my relatives, black haired, grey eyed, olive skinned. Perhaps I'm
projecting, but she sounds like the Cherokee, european mixed race
peeps whose ancestors hid in the hills and married whites rather than
be marched off to Oklahoma.

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