Thursday, March 17, 2011

retro movie review

They keep playing The Legend of Billie Jean on one of the retro
channels and damn how did I not love this movie when I was younger.
It's a smogersborg of awesome featuring blunt critiques of classism,
lookism, rape culture, and the idea that teenagers are wild and
dangerous animals. And it passed the Bechtel test long before there
was one. (What is missing from this movie is any person of color, the
movie's only flaw). Here be spoilers, so avert your eyes if you don't
wanna know. Pretty blonde Billie Jean and her younger bro Binx take
Binx red scooter to go swimming. resident douchebag steals Binx'
scooter. Billie Jean goes to cops, cops ignore her. Binx gets beat up
by douche getting the scooter back which is now damaged. Billie Jean
goes to dad of douche to get $ to repair the scooter and dad tries to
rape her. Then Binx accidently shoots rapey dad and the rest of the
movie is about their life on the run, trying to get justice. The
lookism and classism are things you just don't see exposed in modern

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