Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The sun is shining

And I am having a really hard time getting pissed off enough to write anything today. So instead you get random techy music crap.

I finally got my replacement mp3 player (I bought a new one that broke 2 weeks after I got it). To be fair, I think I had a nasty file on my computer because in the space of a month I killed my hard drive and 2 different mp3 players- so I don't think it was the new player but they were nice enough to replace it anyway.

The big bummer was the 60 gigs of music I lost. Mephistopheles heroically recovered a small part of it and Shakespeare Bill let me hijack his hard drive before he ran away to travel the world (Thanks for the Huey Lewis Bill, it won me some points in the cheesy love song contest) and I am slowly recovering the rest. Lesson learned- back up on external hard drive is now mandatory. The really good news was that i had been better about backing up my photos than i thought, so while I lost my pics from visiting the naughty professor in San Francisco I do still have pictures from Europe. Mephistopheles decided I was officially cool when he saw pictures of me in front of the Max Plank Institute for Theoretical Physics in Germany, so I'm glad I recovered them. (I will never have another reason for being at a school for theoretical physics again- really was a fluke that I was there at all).

Since I have the mp3 player I can now return to regularly torturing students with my own music selections instead of just an internet radio station's playlist. Today it's Ok Go! Get over it is a fantastic, rocking song. Very happy making. You're so damn hot is pretty cool to.

I have to say how much I love this little player. The original one I got was pink (no red, unfortunately), but they were out of pink when they sent the replacement. Now I have the silver. It's cheaper than an Ipod and doesn't require me to use the evil Itunes. Itunes' only value to me is as a glorified radio tuner, I really really hate it. This player let's me use it in hard drive mode so I can just drag and drop files onto it instead of having to make playlists in another program (like windows media player- which I also hate) and then lets me make playlists right on the player. Nice.

Rock on kids. Rock on!

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