Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Miss Indiana Wetpanties finds her roots

So I'm not Peruvian, details smetails. But this story of an ancient female mummy discovered in Peru made me tingly. (Via CNN by way of Salon).
The presence of gold jewelry and other fine items indicates the mummy was that of an important person, but anthropologist John Verano of Tulane University, said the researchers are puzzled by the presence of war clubs, which are not usually found with females
Bone scaring shows that she gave birth at least once. So she was a kick-ass warrior mama. My kinda girl indeed.

While finding warrior women buried with weapons is not common in Peru, a few years ago some archeologists thought they found the origins of the Amazon warrior myth in eastern Europe and traced DNA from a burial site (complete with weapons) to a modern girl in Mongolia.

Archeology rocks.


Wonder said...
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Wonder said...

Holy crap, she's got the S--- nose!

seriously, though, the girl looks like she could be our cousin

i knew we were descended from a long line of tough ladies, but really!

The Red Queen said...
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The Red Queen said...

Fuck- I put the name in too! Ahhh.
I didn't get that side of the family's nose (I got the hungarian dimple nose) but we do have similiar cheekbones.

I wonder if that's how come so many of you are blonde- maybe you all are throwbacks?