Monday, May 15, 2006

Axis of Feeble

It's the day before payday. I have $14.00 to my name and I am out of smokes. I am standing in line at the store to get smokes (because someone will DIE if I don't have nicotine- not a threat, just a reality) . Then this little Economist cover catches my eye.

I had to buy it. The article is ho-hum. Who will be the Decider's foreign policy buddy when Blair is gone? No one except maybe Angela Merkel of Germany (blah). It's lonely at the top, but that's what you get for being the feeble-minded cobag standing on a heap of shit that you've created.

UPDATE: Preliminary skimming of the Economist shows that spending $4.99 on strength of cover is not a good investment. Would have been a fine investment if stuck on plane (I always read the Economist and Atlantic Monthly on airplanes). In depth thing on Poland could be interesting.

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