Sunday, May 14, 2006

Quickies- the ITMFA edition

Newsweek is reporting that Cheney was obsessed with Joe Wilson after Wilson wrote in the NY Times about the yellowcake falsehoods. Cheney's notes (written in the margins of the newspaper article Wilson wrote) show that Cheney maybe much more central to the leak investigation than has previously been made public.

A CIA employee for 20 years, Mary McCarthy, who was fired for allegedly talking to the press, is sure that CIA people are lying when they claim no knowledge of torture and abuse of prisoners.

Rove is about to be indicted. Dusty Foggo had his house searched by the FBI.

Illegal wiretapping and data mining are just the tip of the iceberg in constitutional violations. But we will never know more because the Justice Department can't get security clearance to investigate the wiretapping, effectively making the investigation pointless.

Bush's approval ratings are at 29% (before the phone call data mining story came out).

And still the dems in power sit on their fucking hands. Pelosi has said that impeachment is off the table.

All I can say is Impeach The Mother Fucker Already! ITMFA!

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