Friday, May 19, 2006

Glorious Shoes!

Shoes do help with sore necks. Who knew? But just a few things to say about overly helpful sales people.

1) Do not tell a girl who is looking to spend money in your store that the shoes she is picking out are the worst things in the world for her feet. The heels aren't that frickin high and I am not buying those ugly birkenstock-like things that you wear.

2) Shoes that are not flip-flops should not flop off my feet like flip-flops. If they are high-heeled slingbacks that flop I can guarantee that they will be flopping off my feet while I flip myself into a sprained ankle. I don't care that they get you a larger commission, you aren't paying my emergency room bills. So no- I don't think they are supposed to fit that way.

As for the shoes I did buy- these are perfect for running around in without being ugly or uncomfortable. Not as sexy as my Italian hooker shoes (or my Italian sling-backs) but better than either for city-walking.
On a side note- since I was at *gasp, shock, horror* a mall that had more beauty stores than the republican party has indictments, I could not help but check them out. Of course I went to Sephora (crack house) and L'Occitane (opium den). I passed up Bath and Body Works (ho-hum) but then I discovered Lush. Oh my god- it's like a punk rock pretty store. I may have told the clerk that I would whore myself on a street corner for their salt scrub. I tested the salt scrub on my hands and they are softer than a baby's ass (and don't smell like a baby's ass- which is good)

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