Monday, May 23, 2011

This. Times a thousand.

Go read.

I could go into how treating oppressed groups as less than, even if your intent is good (roads to hell and all that) is problematic at best. Ladies are delicate creatures not suited to paid work, brown folks are ignorant savages who need to be civilized, poor folks are huddled masses yearning to break free. Of course those characterizations remove agency, as if those huddled masses at Ellis Island didn't use any courage, bravery or fortitude just crossing vast oceans on the chance at a better life. Noooo, they huddled and yearned and waited for the loving arms of Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam to carry them to destiny. Those brown folks couldn't possibly had a civilization of their own prior to colonization and slavery. Those delicate ladies would be too worn out by a job, but running a home and raising children isn't really work.

Poor folks, we don't need or want your pity. We want our labor to count for just as much as your labor does. We want our kids to have the same chance at schools and jobs and all good things that yours do. We ain't weak.

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