Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Haiti, the Disaster Capitalism Project Our Elites Dream Of

It's been a year and a half and there are still over 1300 makeshift camps for the victims of this horrible disaster. Or at least there were over 1300. The new President (and friend of Baby Doc) Micheal Martelly seems intent of ridding the country of them as fast as possible. This would be good, if he was moving people into permanent, or even long term temporary shelters, but instead he's just sending thugs into the camps to loot and destroy.

The only appropriate response is anger. But instead we have Republifuckers in our own country, like Eric Cantor, who are making aid to disaster victims in the recent tornado spree dependent on spending cuts. Republifuckers also want to cut spending for weather satellites that do the crucial job of predicting things like hurricanes and tornadoes. I wish had the faith that the dems would fight this, but grown ups don't play make believe games like that. Soon our disaster areas will look just like Haiti's, and that's just what they want.

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