Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ignore the writer- Class Warrior is where it's at

Via Facebook I found this link . You should click it if for no other reason than to see the Class Warrior's t-shirt. The essay is slightly over-puffed in the way that academic writers are often over-puffed. If you ignore the seesaw rhythm and just concentrate on the dude in a class war shirt in a Circle K, you will give yourself happy thoughts.

As for the crux of the piece, the "join us" everybody, heart of America crux, the author is clearly not as familiar with us unincorporated peeps as he thinks. We don't want to join a system that is fundamentally flawed in it's structure, but if things keep on keeping on, we expect you all will be joining us soon. We'll shove over, there's room for all the unterbussen.


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