Friday, May 27, 2011

In Which Miley Cyrus Proves To Be Right

No peeps, this is not a joke. Miley Cyrus, the teen sensation that I have mercilessly teased the Kid about for years (he does not like Miley, yet I insist on claiming he's harboring a secret crush on her)because it is just soooooooo fucking funny, has been yelling on Twitter about Urban Outfitter's anti-gay, pro-theft policies.

Good for her.

(As for the Urban Outfitters straight up steals from indy designers claim- look I don't believe in copy rights. But this is really straight up wholesale theft of an idea. They didn't improve on a design. It's not inspired by, not similar to, but the exact same necklaces made probably by underage moppets in a developing country for slave wages. They could have gone to the artist and done a contract or licensing deal. But no. They had to be shady fuckwads about it.)

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