Saturday, April 09, 2011

Self-fulfilling Politics

Andrew McCarthy has a decent piece up at Echidne about Obama's lack of
a moral core. He writes that he can't imagine that if Obama was faced
with the choice of demanding the troops be intergrated, he can't see
Obama making it, putting Obama to the right of Eisenhower. But then he
makes the same lesser of 2 evils mistake and says he will probably
vote for Obama in 2012 anyways. That is why we have evil and
compassionate-substitute (like splenda) evil. This coountry is locked
into the mindset that there are only 2 views on politics, 2 views on
economics when there would be riots in the streets if we only had 2
types of breakfast cereal to choose from. But we won't have better
choices if we don't make better choices. Yes, you'll have to give up
the thrill of the horse race because by choosing a better, non-legacy
party candidate there will be no nail-biting waiting to see if your
candidate won, at least not at first. But when parties are only a few
percentage points from each other, those better votes matter.

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