Monday, April 04, 2011

Hold on to yer panties ladies, it's re-election season!

Oh yay, multiple spammy emails from the Obama campaign. I can't
fucking wait. Once you get over the idea that Obama in particular and
the Democratic party in general are the liberal/left party and realize
they're just better used car salesman for the kleptocracy, watching
the Obama fan base twist every negative, Bush-like action Obama takes
into some kinda '12 dimensional chess' positive is actually kinda
funny (as long as you can disconect from the real world implications
of those policies, like torture, imperialsm, disemployment, poverty,
sexism and on and on). I am going to start calling our dear leader
'Barack HOOVER Obama' since it turns out that my 2008 primary
predictions about his economic prowess we not, sadly, hyperbole.

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