Thursday, April 07, 2011

Religious godbags are assholes everywhere

I'm sure you've all read about the deaths of UN workers in Afghanistan
at the hands of protesters rioting because of the megadouchenoodle in
florida who burned the koran 6 months ago. Like I said back then,
assholes who burn books NEVER come off well in the history books. Shit
it's 2000 years later and we still talk about the burning of the
library at Alexandria. But then there's the murder of the UN workers,
none of whom had anything to do with the Florida stunt. Now I can
understand self-defense against an imperialist force, but if reports
are true this was a 'my god's bloodier than your god' spectacle over a
freaking book. And both sides push me a little further towards atheism
because who the fuck would want to worship either of their gods.

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