Friday, April 08, 2011

Planned Parenthood Stories

Since Republifuckers are so damned determined to lie about what Planned Parenthood does, and since so many of us have used their services, I think we should tell our stories. So here's one (of many) that I have. When I was a wee unmarried lass of 19 I confirmed that I was pregnant for 10 bucks at PP. But I didn't just pee in a cup. They did a full exam and and then gently asked me if I knew what my options were. I knew from the second I thought I might be up the stick that I was keeping the kid. When I told the doc, she didn't lecture me about my age or state of non-marriage (as other doctors and nurses would later). She gave me information on how to apply for medicaid, including the actual forms, so I could get prenatal care straight away and she gave me a paper prooving a positive pregnancy test result to include with the forms. At the bottom she scrawled 'Elizabeth has decided to parent'. And that is the moment where I realized the enormity of the CHOICE I made to parent the Kid. I decided to parent.

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