Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The first rule of democracy is...

Michele's rule of oligarchy, which is basically this: any democratic
system will eventually turn into oligarchy as elites create rules and
systems that keep them elite. Now think about how many of our law
makers, judges, and government executives come from the elite class
and tell me if we live in a democracy or an oligarchy? Tell me why,
when there's something like 1 job for every 32 job seekers, our
congress and president are focused on deficit reduction and austerity
(making more job seekers through government lay offs) and not job
creation? Tell me why it's important that we only 'fight for
democracy' in oil rich countries?
I really do think we'd be more democratic if we pulled social security
numbers out of a hat instead of holding sham elections that merely
'rotate the elite' as an old poly sci proff was fond of saying.

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