Friday, April 08, 2011

The most awfulest time of the month

It's that painful, nauseous, feverish, messiest craptastic time of the
month. My fucking periods, aka the communist invasion, are a large
part of te reason I have to take double doses of iron everyday. My doc
thinks that, if all looks normal on a yet to be scheduled internal
ultrasound (can they turn down the lights and add some buzzing action
to those things?) then mirena might be a good idea. And since the
republifuckers are hell bent on killing women's reproductive rights,
birth control that lasts me 5 years sounds like a damn fine
investment. It's either that or a hysterectomy, which I'm not mentally
ready for yet. So peeps, anyone else with a little mirena experience?
Good bad or ugly? I just don't think I can take losing another week
per month to the red army for much longer, (yes, a solid week, plus a
week of painful crampy pms before hand and metzelspritz when I
ovulate. So I really only get one non-ovary affected week per month).

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