Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Things that are important, things that are not.

All right my darlings, I have reached the end of my tolerance for the discourse level of this election. So here is a cheat sheet so you can tell if the candidates, pundits, news bunnies, blogging heads, and commentors are being of service to democracy or if they are just a bunch of whiny high school brats.

These are things that are actually important to our country: The economy, health care, education, taxes, deficits, the war, national security, privacy, bodily autonomy, separation of church and state, global warming, oil, diplomacy, China, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, subprime mortgages, banking bailouts, corruption, military contractors, global food shortages, inflation, poverty, lax food and drug safety, the supreme court, telecom immunity, the Patriot act, HIV/AIDS, sex education, rising college costs, etc.

These are not important to our country: McCain's height, Obama's ears, Palin's tits (or ass or uterus), the candidate's children, the wearing or not wearing of flag pins, pantsuits, tie color, hand placement during the national anthem, the child rearing habits of the candidates, the beauty regimes of the candidates, which candidate gives which pundit a hard-on (Pat Buchanan and Chris Matthews included)

These are just quick cheat sheets. Not meant to be comprehensive in any way, but just enough so you can tell if someone is acting in the best interest of our country and furthering democracy or if they are just hanging around spreading tawdry bits of crap like a cliquish teenagers.

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