Friday, September 05, 2008

Friends, Co-Bloggers, Feminists

I come to bury McCain, not to Praise him

Okay- seriously. Two people who I love to bits are having a screaming comment battle over voting for a goddamned Republican.

On my very progressive, very feminist blog.

The Queen is not so happy about this.

It's like this. Imagine that McCain and Obama are credit cards. McCain starts with a really high interest rate, but a low available balance. A balance that you could say pay off in 4 years time. The interest is going to kick you in the ass. But not forever.

Obama starts out with a shiny 0% interest rate, at first. But then the rates skyrocket and it will probably take you 8 years to climb out of the hole that using that card is going to create.

Both choices suck hard.

Both choices suck hard not just for us Americans but for everyone else in the world.

Everyone who writes here and comments here (trolls excepted) gets this.

But I cannot, in good conscious, let this become a pro-McCain blog. I can't. I've let it go on for far too long already. So no more pro-McCain stuff. No bullying people because of their perceived race. No bashing thoughtful progressive people who actually get how American neo-colonialism works for not being large enough in numbers to stop it. Not all of us are coddled rich brats who are ignorant to how our government works.

We all get it here and this level of discourse is NOT GOING TO CHANGE A DAMN THING. But it is hurting people I care about. And that is not okay.

So I am no longer approving comments from the cranky making posts.

Sorry kids. But you are fighting allies instead of the enemy. It's become a circular firing squad of crap and it ends now.

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