Sunday, August 31, 2008

of lies and classism

One of the things you will hear lobbed at Sarah Palin is that her husband works for "Big Oil".

The truth? Her husband, who is blue collar, used to work as an oilfield technician. In Alaska, a place where blue collar jobs are limited.

A certain blogger, who is a feminist and considers herself to be one, went on a mad rant at me when i pointed that, together with the fact that accusing a woman for her husband's choices is sexist. She made it a point to note on her blog that all sexist attacks on Palin were off limits except for those about her husband's career choice.

Wtf? The guy was an oilfield technician and is now working as a fisherman. So, are now all the poor people who have to gain a piece of bread working for oil companies horrible monsters that do not deserve to live, on par with lobbyists and Dick Cheney?

So, it is better to not work than work a blue collar job, just because you work for an oil company? The classism of this leaves me breathless. Does this mean that it's better to not work than work for an HMO because they are what they are?

If Todd Palin's job means that he works for big oil in scary quotes and thus his wife is not to be trusted since she would be more friendly towards big oil interests, do we get to call Obama on his wife's employer? Michelle Obama works for University of Chicago Hospitals, where she has a symbolic vice president role. Does this mean that she is in the HMO's pockets and thus so is Obama ( thus explaining his aversion to UHC)? What about her work for TreeHouse Foods Inc?

It's not nice is it?

Or is it just a lie packed in a nice sexist and classist envelope from the same people for whom Hillary wasn't good enough? Or is it that sexist attacks on women not allied with us are OK?

They aren't

Some other blogger went so far as to compare Sarah Palin with Elena Ceausescu. So, because she is pro life, she deserves to be compared with someone who, as my country's history tells, was a sadistic murderess? Wow.


A note on Palin: she seems to keep her beliefs and her job separately. When the alaskan senate wanted to remove the benefits allowed to same sex partners of state employees, she vetoed the measure. I know loud alleged LGBT friends who have done a lot less.

I am not even sure I can call myself a feminist anymore. The word has become dirty.

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