Tuesday, September 02, 2008

President McCain and the people who make it possible

While running my eyes thru leftbloggistan I noticed something I haven't seen in 4 years: leftie blindness and wishful thinking coupled with utter ignorance to the facts who disagree with their pinkie colored reality view.

1. "Troopergate"? seriously? she wanted to fire a guy who tasered her nephew and made death threats to her father, not to mention being a wife beater. GO ahead democrats, defend a wifebeater. Just do it. Then allow the republicans to run you into he goud by discussing real abuse of power, like Obama asking the state for money for Rezko.

2. Her daughter? Convenient how everyone ignores that Palin is pro contraception, not to mention that her daughter is 17 and thus entitled to her own choices. Or are you guys telling us that she can't possibly be making a choice if we don't like the choice? Morons!

3. McCain receives benefits plus a veteran pension and disability? Horrible guy that he is... why that's almost as Joe Biden spending 1000 dolars a week from the taxpayer's money to fly to and fro Delaware. Right?

4. Palin wasn't vetted? She sure has a lot less skeletons than Obama doesn't she?

5. Palin is irrelevant? Tell that to the polsters that have Obama not only lacking the much expected convention bump, but also the headlines his shitty speech was bound to have.

Wake up and smell the coffee: one of the parties has disaffected unhappy members likely to stay home or vote third party. After 8 fucking years of republican rule and against McCain of all people and Obama fails to have a lead bigger than the margin of error?

Say it after me, President McCain. The Obama campaign, the morons in the DNC backing Obama and the idiot sheeple following their lead have brought you this. I hope McCain thanks them in his inauguration speech.

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