Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Progressives" piss me off too

I keep having the same stupid arguments with "progressives" who have swallowed a few bits of upper class lefty "common sense" without ever having bothered to check what they put in their mouths to begin with.

I am sure I must have bitched to you all about how those earth lovers bitching about overpopulation are generally privileged white folks complaining about brown people in the world. Haven't I? Well if I haven't, next time someone starts talking to you about overpopulation take a good look at the color of their skin, their class and their nationality. Are they white? Are they middle to upper class? Are they from a "developed" nation. Then their arguments are a boat load of racist crap. They use more resources as a single person than those large families in the developing world use all together.

Next- market corrections. Today was the first time I heard a proggy pit poor Americans against poor people everywhere else. But when it happens once it is bound to happen again. Besides, whatever the arguments in favor of "market corrections" are, the argument against them is always the same. What stock brokers and bankers think of as the markets balancing themselves out is code for screwing poor people. Always. Screw them out of pensions, mortgages, savings, 401ks. Screw them out of jobs and healthcare and housing. Always the result of a market correction is an increase in the strain on the poor.

So the proggy's argument in favor of this recent economic downturn a bunch of us are calling the Second Coming of the Great Depression is that we poor people can't keep expecting to pay slave wages to poor people in other countries to feed our Wal-Mart habits. Seriously.

First, it's not increased wages that has driven the cost of food up by 25% in the last year. Really, we'd notice if we were getting paid more. It's not increased foreign labor costs either. We know that companies just move to the next starving job market to keep costs low. But it makes the tiny men of the progressive movement feel better knowing they overpaid for organic free range eggs at Whole Foods so they can blame us poor people who have to by cheaper eggs, probably imported from China where they were collected by prison labor.

The market does not need a correction because poor people are so damn greedy they want to have their mac and cheese at the cost of other poor people. The market is fucked up because our government is acting irresponsibly towards us, the people, in favor of passing bills helpful to corporations who want us, the people, to buy their products at any price but are not willing to give us, the people, a living wage that would allow for the kind of crap consumption they desire to meet their income projection,

(FTR- the last time I was in a Wal-mart was at least 2 years ago.)

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